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Dense, chewy chocolate cookie, with chocolate chips, chocolate icing, and chocolate sprinkles.

It’s important to take time out of your day to get wasted, but getting Chocolate Wasted is a little bit more serious than that. If you’re planning to indulge in this decadent delight, you’d better mark it on your calendar, because with a whopping 250mg of THC baked into this gooey treat, you’re going to be incapacitated for some time.

In all serious though, the Chocolate Wasted is delicious and packs a serious punch, so make sure you aren’t planning to go anywhere important after eating it. The cookie itself is super tasty – dense and chewy with chocolate chips and icing as well as chocolate sprinkles and the unmistakable smell and taste of potent marijuana butter that you’ll immediately recognize and love.

You can expect feelings of euphoria and delight that lead into a deep, physical relaxation with body tingles and other physical sensations. You may feel a bit of anxiety and notice your heart race increasing, but that’s totally normal and just the THC doing its thing. The chocolate wasted promises a relaxing and introspective high that’s great for a casual evening with friends or by yourself.


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