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250 mg/thc per pack
25 mg/thc per gummy worm
10 infused gummy worms per pack

Available in packs of 10, our delicious gummy worms are one of the sweetest ways to consume cannabis. These sweet treats come in a vriety five flavours – strawberry, grape, orange, lime, and berry-blue – ensuring that whatever your taste buds love, you’ll be able to benefit from these yummy THC-infused candies.

Gummies are one of the best-loved methods for consuming edible cannabis. Each package contained 250mg of THC, and with the net amount divided between ten gummies, it’s easy to accurately dose yourself as needed, ensuring that you hit the sweet spot every time you enjoy one of these sweet treats. Gummies are also very discreet – the package fits easily in your pocket and can be consumed almost anywhere without drawing attention, while some products like cookies or bars might be more conspicuous in public.

If you’ve never tried edibles before, gummies are a great starting point, enabling you to control your dosage and find your comfort zone with a sweet, delicious, low-calorie treat. Try eating a half of one to start, the increasing the amount until you find your happy place. Enjoy!


Red Congolese (AAA)
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Sour Cheese (AA)
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White Zombie (AAAA)
10% Off 28 grams
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Larry OG (AAA)
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Gelato (AAAA)
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Purple Punch (AAA)
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