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4oz Jar
500 mg/thc

Our cannabis-infused organic coconut oil is a product that’s delicious as well as versatile. The 4oz jar comes infused with 500mg of THC making this a potent addition to a variety of recipes for skin care, food stuff and oil sprays. Coconut oil is full of saturated fats that create a strong binding point for THC, allowing this unique substance to retain huge concentrations of THC during the extraction process.

Coconut oil’s uses are already diverse, but with weed-infused coconut oil that gets you ripped, we’re sure you’ll find brand new uses that we’ve never even heard of. Coconut oil is a healthy fat that’s great for a number of purposes – use it as a cooking oil in place of vegetable or olive oil, for baking or mix it into your coffee in place of sugar and cream.

Our infused coconut-oil provides effects similar to other edibles, including a body high with feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Weed-infused coconut oil like this is great for micro-dosing – sustaining a moderate high by consuming small amounts throughout the day rather than eating it by the spoonful. For a more intense experience, put an appropriate amount under your tongue and let it dissolve. Enjoy!


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