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250 mg/thc
4oz Jar

Organic peanut butter is as scrumptious as it is versatile. It’s delicious in a sandwich, on its own or with jam or jelly, on your morning toast, in baked goods or right off the spoon. Our specially made organic peanut butter, infused with 250mg of THC, comes in an 4oz jar with enough to go around and is the perfect spread to incorporate into your breakfast or midnight snack.

With a slightly lower concentration than some of other spreads, you’ll probably resort to double-layering peanut butter on your morning toast or PB&J – and that’s not a bad thing! You’ll love the rich taste that you expect from peanut butter with robust overtones of fresh weed, an immediate signal of the potency of our latest batch.

Our weed-infused butter delivers a body high that’s reminiscent of other edible products like cookies and bars, but expect it to last for around two to four hours because of the concentration and delivery method. You’ll experience a relaxed sense of euphoria that some describe as true Nirvana with a very mild burnout. As always, edibles are one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis – your body will thank you!


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